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Health 1st Physio

Using Holistic G.D.S Method

Health 1st Physio provides an integrative and holistic approach to physiotherapy. We understand pain is often the reason people seek a physio, but instead of just treating pain symptoms we seek to understand the real underlying cause. After establishing the cause we provide a personalised treatment plan. We do not give our patients the usual “recipe for physio exercises” we provide therapeutic, preventative care. Health 1st Physio believe our patients should gain a greater understanding of their bodies with greater body and movement consciousness.

Professional Service

Sore back? Knee? Shoulder? We will treat your troubled area to manage your pain and improve your function, so you are back into action...

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Our Physiotherapists

Find out more about our physiotherapists, qualified in both conventional methods and holistic methods, find out what we can offer you.

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Home Visits

We offer home visits by appointment only, ring our friendly staff to book a home visit by one of our experienced physiotherapists.

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