G.D.S Method

What is the GDS Method?

Who is the GDS Method For?

Holistic physiotherapy the G.D.S Method of Articular and Muscular chains was created by the Belgian physiotherapist and osteopath, Madam Godelieve Denys-Struyf in late 60’s.

All parts of the musculo-skeletal system are interdependent, with muscular groups linking all parts together. Muscles are tools of psychobodily expression: our mental tensions, our emotions, our feelings and our way of being all express themselves through the muscular system which influences our posture and our physical movements. When such tensions or actions s are repetitive and prolonged, an excess of muscle tone occurs and cumulatively, step by step, causes regions of muscular tension to develop. G.D.S describes 6 functional muscle groups which are used in normal body movements. However, when these movements are excessive, muscular tension develops which forces the body into abnormally stiff positions thus reducing liberty of movement and resulting in characteristic postures and pain.


The Method can help everybody!

In preventative treatment, the Method works to better manage muscle tensions linked to behaviour, and gives greater awareness of good posture. It seeks to prevent new pathology from developing.

In therapeutic treatment where pain is present (eg. osteoarthritis, lower back pain, sciatica etc) the GDS Method gives relief and adapts treatment to the individual. Postural problems of the spine (eg. lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis) will benefit from this Method, especially since the approach is global and takes into account a large number of parameters encountered in these conditions.

The Method proposes original, effective and durable solutions for the treatment of lower limbs (eg. coxygeal pain, joint problems involving knees and feet, carpal tunnel syndrome).

Functional problems of the musculo-skeletal system of the infant and child may also be helped.