skeletal servicesMuscle pain, sore neck, painful shoulders? We will treat your troubled area to manage your pain and improve your function, so you are back into action at work or play with less pain sooner. We will assess your problem area, as well as looking at whole body issues that may contribute to the problem.
Treatment may consist of hands on treatment, massage, mobilisation, retraining movement, strengthening, stretching, exercise, or multiple other techniques.
We will also teach you how you can best manage your condition yourself so that you’re in control.

GDS methodThis holistic method of treatment is widely practiced in Europe and in the Americas but is new to Australia with Flavio currently the only licenced GDS method practitioner in Australia.
This is a gentle treatment process that looks at the body as a whole to address global movement and postural issues that lead to specific problems.
Particularly useful if you have niggling pain, movement or function issues that traditional treatments from Physio / Chiro / Osteo haven’t helped.

accupunture treatment

We offer acupuncture, both western and traditional Eastern (Flavio has spent extensive time in China studying traditional Chinese Acupuncture) as a means of treating a variety of conditions.
Acupuncture can be a great way of influencing pain and dysfunction within the body that is surprisingly comfortable and effective.
We use fine gauge, individually sterilised single use needles for maximum comfort, safety
and hygiene.

paediatric servicesDevelopmental problems? Baby with a flat head? Poor movement or coordination in your toddler? Come and see our paediatric specialist, Channelle, for a highly specialised service for your pre-school aged child. Channelle offers a wealth of experience in this area to get your little one back on track and to put you in charge of managing their progress.
Typically, the paediatric service involves longer sessions for assessment and treatment, usually play based, with an ongoing management program for you and your little one to follow at home. This means one or two longer sessions initially, with occasional follow ups as required.

Strength and conditioning servicesIf you’re looking at rehabilitation from a long term injury, or just getting back into shape come and see us for guidance and advice on safely improving your strength and endurance to get back to the levels of work and play you want to achieve.

Perfect for people who have had a long layoff from sport or work who want to get back to their past glories – we can’t turn back the clock but we can work with you to achieve your new maximum performance.

Physiotherapy for the elderly
Back pain relief